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  • PC Tuneup

  • Is your computer running slow? Let us perform a service that will make it feel like the first day you bought it!

    What is checked during the PC Tuneup service:

    *Virus Scan - We will scan your machine for viruses, trojans, root kits, and malware.

    *Check System Specs - We will check your system's specs to make sure you are not using too much hard drive space or RAM memory.

    *Check for Registry Errors - We will check your system for registry errors or incorrect filepaths. 

    *Disk Defragmentation - We will defrag your system's hard drive to make sure all system files are organized and easy to access. This will increase speed.


    There are a few things we may recommend depending on your device:

    *RAM Upgrade - RAM is Random Access Memory, it is used for all functionality of your computer. RAM is can significantly impact your systems performance. If the amount of RAM on your machine is too low, we may recommend an increase in the amount of RAM.

    *Virus Removal - If your computer has been found to be infected, we will recommend a virus removal.