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  • FAQ

    • How long will it take to get my computer back?

      Depending on the amount of work already scheduled, the time may vary. Estimated times are available on the "Prices" page located at the top of our website.

    • Can you restore deleted files?

      Depending on how recently they were deleted the answer could be yes or no. The more recent, the better the chance that restoration is possible.

    • Do you work On-Site?

      Yes, we do. Depending on the services requested we may rather pickup the device and bring it back to the office in order to work on it. Some tools we use may not be available On-Site.

    • What is your Return Policy?

      We have a 60 day guarantee on any service performed. We do not offer any returns on parts as once they are used they cannot be returned. A defective part within 30 days can be replaced for no charge. Most parts, such as a hard drive, would have a typical one year manufacturer warranty.

    • Do you accept Credit Cards?

      Yes, we accept any credit card, cash, and even Apple Pay.

    • Do you work on Phones?

      At this time, no. However, we may offer this service in the future.